The Advantages of Having a Balcony in Your Condo

Not all condo units in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila, come with their own balconies. For some buyers, they may look at the extra square meters for a balcony as something that will make the condo’s price tag a lot higher. Yes, it is true that you also pay for that extra space, but what you should not miss to see and realize are the add-on values and perks of having your own balcony.


Here are some of the premium advantages of having a balcony in your condo:


Extension of living space

Condo units commonly get the impression of being tight or cramped, but having that spacious balcony makes your high-rise residence more expansive and homey.


Allow flow of air and sunlight

A balcony will let your condo home be ventilated and well lit. Breathing some fresh air and being sun kissed are surely good for your physical wellbeing.


Relax and dine with a view

Having a breathtaking view will definitely relax you. Perhaps, sipping your cup of coffee in the morning as the sun rises, eating your delectable merienda while watching the awesome sunset, or indulging in a candlelit dinner with a bottle of wine overlooking the bright city lights at night, would be a few of the countless ways to enjoy that view from your balcony.


Create personal outdoor space

The possibilities of what you can do in your balcony are endless. You can unleash your green thumb and start your own pocket garden, whether you grow ornamental or floral plants, or cultivate your own fruits and vegetables. You can turn it into a reading nook, a meditation spot, a yoga or fitness station, or simply an al fresco lounge for relaxation and socializing.


Add-on value for rental or resale

Any potential tenant or buyer would most likely love to have a balcony in their condo unit, so this feature adds on to the value of your property. Therefore, you can possibly command a higher price should you decide to have it leased out or resold.


A prestigious condominium development that lets you enjoy these advantages of having balconies is the Manhattan Gardens at the Araneta City. All the four towers of its third phase, Manhattan Heights, and the two new towers in the final phase, Manhattan Plaza, feature executive studios, one-bedroom up to two-bedroom suites that come with balconies. Typical units have balconies of approximately 2 to 2.50 square meters, while some bigger units have two balconies, giving you an additional 6 to 12 square meters.


At Manhattan Gardens, residents get to enjoy the spectacular vista of the rolling terrains of the Sierra Madre mountain range in the east, or the dynamic and bustling skyline of the Araneta City and the rest of Metro Manila. Depending on which you prefer more, you can choose the view either of the sunrise or the sunset. Looking down from your balcony, you will also see the sprawling landscaped gardens and world-class recreational amenities at the 4th level.


Discover your options for a condo unit with balcony in this New York-inspired garden community. Call (02) 8810-3333 or send an email to You may also follow the official social media of Manhattan Gardens at Araneta City for the latest promos and updates.


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